Conditions of Accommodation – Extract from the Accommodation Rules

The following text is merely an extract from the accommodation rules. An unabridged version of the rules is available at the lodging house for reference. In case of breach of the accommodation rules the guest will be instantly expelled from the lodging house without any compensation.

Breach of Accommodation Rules:

  • Smoking is prohibited in the whole lodging house except designated areas (balconies and courtyard only).
  • Any signs of drunkenness or intoxication will be regarded as a breach of the accommodation rules.
  • Pets not allowed.
  • Physical violence not allowed.
  • Visitors not allowed.
  • Cooking in rooms including electric kettles not allowed.
  • Stealing personal belongings of housemates not allowed.
  • Disturbing during quiet hours not allowed (quiet hours – daily from 10,00 p.m. until 6,00 a.m.)
  • Damage to the equipment of the lodging house not allowed.
  • Relocation of furniture not allowed.
  • Infringement of power distribution network not allowed.

Guests causing any damage to the equipment of the lodging house accept to pay for the damage caused.

List of selected articles:


CZK 5.400

      Pillow CZK 480
Fridge CZK 6.000 Duvet CZK 720
Bed CZK 3.600 Mattress cover CZK 720
Desk CZK 3.600 Bed linen CZK 600
Mattress CZK 3.000 Towel CZK 120
Hanger CZK 3.240 Bed sheet CZK 300
Chair CZK 600 Basket CZK 360
Door CZK 3.000 Washing machine      CZK 12.000
Microwave oven CZK 3.600 Vertical blinds CZK 3.000
Exhaust fan CZK 3.000 Cooktop CZK 3.600
Plate CZK 48 Cup CZK 36
Glass CZK 36   Cutlery CZK 60
Keys, replacement of lock cylinder     CZK 1.200 Shelf CZK 1.080

At check-in, the guest must show a valid ID or passport.

How to find us

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